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Large Scale Solar PV consultancy

In times of continuous price reductions, the Solar PV Industry is experiencing an increasing amount of product- and installation quality deficits.

Our target is to provide you with more technical and commercial insight into your investment opportunity, giving you advice and the necessary comfort to invest in new opportunities.

Furthermore we provide the possibility to step in the Due Diligence process as a technical/commercial catalyst to build a bridge between EPC, Technical Advisors and yourself as the end client.

Please contact us to receive a detailed quote tailored to your specific needs.

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1. Project specific services

The following service packages can be tailored to the project specifics, considering the lifecycle status of your project:

  • Acquisition check: Detailed analysis of potential acquisitions, covering the analysis of engineering, installationquality, grid, planning and land permits.
  • Business Development services: Developing new leads from first landowner contact via Lease Option negotiations, grid Application, managing planning applications and estimating first project budgets
  •  Project Management services: Leading technical and legal Due Diligence, negotiating EPC/ICP contracts, closing deals and Monitor the construction process.
  • Operation and Maintenance check: Detailed review of the state of your existing PV plant. Analyzing the real life performance and Operator’s capabilities.

2. Supplier/Contractor reviews

Besides the project specific analysis we are able to provide you with a commercial/technical analysis of service and component providers

  • Engineering company reviews: Detailed review of engineering companies and installers considering existing assets and company relevant commercial information
  • Key component reviews: Detailed review of key component suppliers and their product range


Key Staff :

Christian Spies (CEO) MSc Industrial Engineering

Project experience (Project Development/Management):

  1. UK (2012-2014) (Lightsource Renewable Energy Ltd)

Managed and energized 32 MWp(sites)

Willsland 3.28 MWp, Ninnis Farm 3.5 MWp,  Shipton Bellinger 5.4MWp Parkhouse 6.6 MWp, Hatchlands 5.2 MWp, Rudge 6.3 MWp, The Hollies 8.9 MWp

    2. South Africa (2011-2012) (juwi Solar)

Developed 12.5 MWp (sites) free field installation in South Africa(ZA) Passed PPA application round 1 with 2 projects. 

Rustmo1 7.5 MWp; Swartland Solar 5 MWp ,

3. India (2010-2011) (juwi Solar)

Engineered 30 MWp (3sites) in Gujarat/ Rajasthan (IN)

AES Solar 5 MWp, SunEdison Solar 5 MWp,                GreenInfra 20 MWp